World War B: Goldman Sachs Growth Plan

2018 is here! We are geared up and ready to launch some innovative ideas and projects. With 2017 yielding many victories and learning experiences, we are ready to go. I had the pleasure to represent our salon brand in a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Scholar Program. This empowering curriculum allowed us to explore deeper components of our businesses and its moving parts and challenge us to think bigger more expansive.

Goldman Sachs accomplishes this through national teams at Babson School of Entrepreneurship and Miami Dade College. I must admit it felt good to be in a classroom again.  I am a fan of education. It also created a high level of anxiety to be out of the classroom and get to work in the field. Goldman Sachs talks about the 30,000 feet work versus the work on the ground. This is what we will spend the first half of 2018 focusing on. New salon processes and innovations on the way.





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