Be Great 2019 #BGreat



The race to 2019 is here! Our strategic planning from 2018 is finally showing its fruits. Innovations in our salon philosophy and new programs have allowed our organization to reach larger audience in local community.  My favorite improvements were in our professional development programs. Our Apprentice Training Program ( ATP ), Giving Amazing Mentorship Experiences ( GAME) and Beauty Enthusiasts programs have dramatically improved the way we service clients and professionals in the beauty landscape.

We also underwent some critical fiscal restructuring as we found finance partners to help capitalize some new innovative model stores set to launch for late 2019 and early 2020.  I’ve been explaining for the past few years how we are turning our firm into a technology driven entity. These new initiatives will allow us to pivot faster in the ever so competitive economic environment.

Stay tuned for some exciting news on how we are opening up the beauty business for retail investment through blockchain and other innovated tech platforms.


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